Introducing incredible

learning experiences

Introdeck allows any community leader, in schools or organizations,
to create their own portal to connect people and generate knowledge-sharing.


An all-inclusive platform

  • Admin panel to monitor learning metrics
  • Auto or manual matching by category or topic
  • One-on-one live sessions
  • Messaging, instant chat, voice calls, and file sharing

knowledge sharing

Introdeck is a single solution learning and development tool that enables knowledge sharing. Build a collaborative and supportive community within your organization, classroom, or event with a easily accessible platform.


So simple, up & running in a month!


Step 1

We get to know your program requirements, and discuss how Introdeck can help.


Step 2

Together, we build a platform that is customized to your brand’s voice and purpose.


Step 3

We help you schedule and deploy the program and train your people on how to use it.


"Introdeck is the tailored mentorship platform launched for all Fellows as they graduate our program to further scale and connect our Tribe of Mentors."

Founder, Joe Musselman


"Introdeck instantly connects our top MBA students, faculty, alumni, and industry experts fostering innovation and collaboration.""

Director, James Bottom